What We Do

Every city is different and the needs of each city vary greatly. Part of the success of the Serve the City movement lies in the fact that we encourage the leaders in each city to adapt Serve the City to what their city needs. That said, all of our activities fall into the following broad categories:

1. Making volunteering easy
We arrange and host regular projects that enable people to cross the line in their city and meet needs in practical and meaningful ways. We want to give everyone the opportunity to serve others in a way that is simple, straightforward, and without the requirement of a long-term commitment. We are so passionate about this that we also assign significant resources to promoting volunteering and are committed to becoming recognized globally for volunteer development.

2. Empowering Local Charities
Our projects are usually created in collaboration with local organizations who are the real experts in their respective fields. We simply want to support the great work they are doing by providing them with an additional volunteer workforce and any other resources and training they might need. On occasion we will operate projects on our own if a need has been identified that isn’t being addressed by another organization that shares the STC values.

3. Neighbourhood transformation
Volunteering is our passion but it is not a goal in and of itself. We want to see lives changed, hope restored and, as a result, we want to see communities transformed. We love nothing more than when new friendships are formed, beauty is discovered, and life returns to places that were once thought of as beyond hope. By focusing our volunteer activities in specific neighborhoods we are able to achieve exactly this result!