Serve the City started in Ireland in 2006 with a small group of volunteers seeking to serve people in Dublin for a week, during the Summer. Its objectives are two-fold:

  1. Engaging a diverse range of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds in meaningful community service
  2. Helping marginalized and vulnerable persons without any other support in practical ways within the community

STC in Ireland arose out of a friendship between Alan McElwee and Carlton Deal, who started STC in Brussels the year before. Serve the City International is now an International Non-Governmental Organisation, registered as a charity in Brussels, Belgium.

Serve the City Ireland incorporated as a charity in 2013, supporting the operational activity of STC Dublin, Galway and Limerick. As a registered charity, STC IRL had adopted the Governance Code and oversees all the fiduciary responsibilities across all cities.

The Directors of STC IRL are as follows:

Cormac Shaw (Chairperson)
Lives in Dublin, is a Chartered Accountant and CEO of Southside Partnership. Cormac loves playing music and meeting new people.
Paul Kerr (Secretary)
Lives in Dublin and is a Senior Business Analyst with a leading insurance firm. Paul loves kayaking and is a certified instructor.
Edwina Dewart
Lives in Dublin and is Manager of the Dublin City Volunteer Centre. Edwina also sits on the Board of Volunteer Ireland.
Ronan Coffey
From in Dublin and runs his own business in the construction materials sector. Ronan is also active within his local residents association.
Dick Bourke
Lives in Dublin and is a shareholder and Business Development Director of a technology firm. Dick likes to keep active and is a keen tennis player.
Alan McElwee
From Dublin and Business Development Manager with a Christian International Development Aid charity. Alan also serves as Chair of STC International.