Our projects and partners

Our Projects
Varying from city to city, Serve the City undertakes projects of many types, from feeding the homeless, caring for the elderly and people with disabilities, to painting and construction jobs. Although these projects can appear very different, they must all adhere to a set of specific guidelines. Each project must:
• Meet a clearly defined need;
• Have a concrete start and finish time/date at which point we are able to validate and assess the work done;
• Not be concerned with collecting money, resources, or promoting a specific political/religious ideology;
• Wherever possible put the volunteer in direct contact with the person in need or at a minimum with members of the partner organization;
• Provide all the volunteers with a clearly specified role or task, along with adequate training and support; and
• Have a realistic and achievable goal that can be met by the volunteers with the available resources in the specified timeframe.

Our Partners
We exist in partnership with others. Partnerships are relationships and must be established and developed with local charities, communities of faith, local government and law enforcement, schools, businesses, etc. The more partnerships, the more progress that can be made towards neighborhood and city-wide transformation.