Our Structure

Serve the City International (STCi)
Serve the City International is an international non-proft organization registered in Belgium. It connects, supports and represents city-wide and national Serve the City movements, some of which are registered entities, some informal.

STC Networks are a relational or regional grouping of STC cities led by a Network Coordinator. Networks are normally 3-8 cities.

Current Networks

Our Leadership
Serve the City International is led by the International Leadership Team, currently composed of:

• Carlton Deal (Founder and Executive Director, Brussels)
• Alan McElwee (Network Coordinator, Ireland)
• Alfredo Abreu (Network Coordinator, Portugal)
• Christine Thumm (Network Coordinator, Germany)
• Warren Batt (Network Coordinator, Spain)
• Brett Toft (Network Coordinator, Baltic/Scandinavia)
• Linda Allison (CAO, Brussels)

An Advisory Board is in the process of being formed. Current members are:
• Stan Rowland, Founder and Director, Neighbourhood Transformation, Phoenix, Arizona
• Todd Dallanegra, President, International Coaching Federation, Washington D.C. Chapter, Annapolis, Maryland
• Dirk Gerlagh, CFO World Vision Europe, Brussels, Belgium
• Prince Charles-Louis and Princess Clotilde de Merode, Merode, Germany