Serve the City International

Serve the City was started in Brussels, Belgium in 2005 by a church called The Well, which led a surprisingly successful week of volunteering. This event led to the establishment of a year-round team and volunteering opportunities, and Serve the City is now one of the best-known local charities in Brussels.
Since its first volunteer initiative, Serve the City has taken some shape or form in over 100 cities around the world, mobilizing thousands of volunteers from all origins and conditions, reaching out to many people in need, and contributing to personal and social transformation. Serve the City works in partnership with companies, schools, faith communities, governmental, and non-governmental entities.

The mission of Serve the City International (STCi) is threefold:
1. To mobilize volunteers to show kindness in practical ways to people in need.
2. To champion volunteering, introducing as many people as possible to the practice of volunteering, and to make it more effective and impactful.
3. To be a representative voice for volunteers and city-wide STC volunteering movements in world forums.
Our agenda includes projects with global reach, research in all things related to volunteering, promotion of best practices in volunteer development, and always, always reaching out to the most vulnerable and excluded neighbors in our cities.

The vision of Serve the City is everyone serving! We want to be catalysts for the transformation of lives, neighborhoods, and cities as people volunteer to serve others. We do this by connecting the resources of the city with the needs of the city, by facilitating local volunteer involvement and promoting the inclusion of everyone.