Who We are

While a few of our volunteers are professional carpenters or builders who provide valuable assessment and skill, the majority of the service opportunities that we provide are generally geared toward the unskilled non-professional.  Whether you work in an office or drive a delivery van, whether you consider DIY a personal hobby or your spouse begs you not to try fixing anything around the house, Serve the City offers you significant opportunities to serve people in need in your community.  Because let’s face it – we ALL have the need to serve!

As with most good things worth doing, there is a level of coordination and leadership required. Our view is that it’s not good enough to stand back and presume that somebody else is going to help those who can’t help themselves.  Our Development Team is made up of volunteers who have families and full-time jobs, but who value serving enough to set aside time in their busy lives to make Serve the City happen.  Currently, the Development Team is made up of the following people:

Alan & Sheryl McElwee
Paul Kerr
Heidi O’Sullivan
Rebekah Becker
Brandon Wellcome

We are also grateful beyond words to our Project Leaders who assist us in assessing potential service projects and who lead teams of volunteers at the various projects that we undertake:

Lorraine McCloskey
Rimas Radzevicius
Roy Angle